One of the things that just hit me was the fact that I’ve been grumbling about Liberty University lately; it has become a lot of work to be able to keep up with the weekly announcements and announcements being sent to students falling behind. We are responsible and must be held accountable to send out emails and warnings to students who are not responsible because the college wants us to. It doesn’t make much sense to me; doing these emails reminds me vaguely of high school in many respects, as the constant chasing of students to get them to work is something that high school teachers are often doing. This is college; the student should be responsible for his or her own success.
Today I worked on the last box outside, installing the back board and sides that I had taken off to use the post for the front walkway. I then installed the cedar post that will act as the edge of the lean-to that I am building, and secured it to the long 6x6 that goes across as the back wall. That are will likely be pickets, or perhaps what I will do is put a piece of plywood up to serve as the back wall, with the front being the lattice on the outside and plywood on the inside, to act as an area where I can put tools and things. I have lattice that I am picking up tonight; this guy has four or five sheets for free that I will pick up after work.
Just finished Liberty when I should have been finishing this. I’ve been feeling better today. Instead of wearing two patches, I am wearing three; I did this once before in hopes that I could speed up my transition, and for some reason I felt like my heart was pounding. These past few weeks I have been having headaches off and on; I thought it was the low-iron issue, but it could be low estrogen. I remember throughout my twenties I had headaches, and that could have been attributed to low estrogen. Same goes for the occasional hot flashes, mood swings, depression, and fatigue.
Been working a bit on the pedalboard setup today; I tried putting the wah first, etc, and I finally came up with a few setups that might get me close to what I am looking for. Ideally, I would plug into the Kustom and do it that way, but all of them seem to be out of commission right now. Still working on finishing the painting of the board; the bottom tier is being painted the yellow of Cosmo’s Factory and the blue of the curtains in Cosmo’s factory; the front tier wall, which needs to be drilled out more, will be black, along with the sides and back. I will likely steal the cord tie from one of the Kustoms and use it on the pedalboard; I would love to use that wrinkle black paint to make it look more like a Kustom 200, but I might be complicating things. I need to widen the holes in the front of the right side of the board; two of these holes are for the input jacks (mid and treble), and two are for the power supplies for the 18 volt pedals and the 9 volt pedals. I am still getting noise from the pedals with all of them plugged into the Brick; I might wind up using a cord and connecting the chain for the 9v pedals, and then using the brick for the 18v pedals and the ones on the second tier.
There needs to be several holes on the far right of the board; two are for the mid/treble output, and these will go to the back of the board and out, and two are for the top tier/last pedal (POG) to come down and connect to the volume pedal. From there, it will go to another hole, another jack, and then to the back of the amp, output. On top of the second tier are the other two connections from the four-way; one goes to the tuner, and the other goes to the bass pedals. I want to make the opportunity for someone to plug into the board through the main input jack, through the tuner, and if they really want to play through another amp, they can either unplug their guitar, pick up another cable and plug straight into the output jack next to the tuner, or they can go through the tuner and straight out to an amp.
It looks like, which is odd, the Kustom 200 signal may have started on vibrato and tremolo, and from there to selective boost, and finally to the distortion, and I will give that a shot. I think it is more likely that the selective boost was first, followed by distortion.



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