And yet again I forgot to post yesterday. I put the first coat of black paint on the pedalboard sides; it looks nice, and I hope that it dries nicely. This morning B and I had to bring Lance to the vet. Last night I went to Dracut to pick up a few sheets of lattice; this lattice is a tighter weave, which means that it will afford more privacy when the little shed behind the garage is done. I worked on the pedalboard, as well, and I think I am working out an arrangement I can live with. I’ve divided the board into five sections: Compressor, Selective Boost, Harmonic Clipper, Trem/Vibe, and Delay. For the boost section, right now I have the parametric EQ, boost, and wah plugged into the Amptweaker pedal. I might wind up putting the wah first (setting the pedal to pre for effects), then the ‘Selective Boost’, and then into the main boost. That half-set wah sound is definitely what gives the Kustom that honky tone. From there, into the harmonic clipper, into he fuzz (with that little EQ thing in the post section), parametric EQ, then the trem/vibe and delay. I am thinking that the volume pedal should go first, although a lot of people do put it at the end.
1. Volume
2. Compressor
3. Amptweaker Boost
a. Wah
b. Selective Boost
4. Amptweaker Fuzz
a. EQ
b. Harmonic Clipper
c. Parametric EQ
5. Amptweaker Swirlpool
6. Delay (Reverb Eventually)
Today I have a ton of stuff to do with Quincy, so I’m going to get to that now!



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