Sep. 7th, 2017 02:44 pm
Today is officially the first day back on campus; I am doing that M-T-W-H thing again to keep out of harm’s way. It has gotten to be second nature now to keep those days free to plan and get other stuff done that I wouldn’t otherwise, as I would be sitting there at the table, listening to B go on and on about stuff that just really isn’t important. I try not to give a blow-by-blow description of anything, because it is so obvious that she doesn’t understand, nor does she care, but sitting there at the kitchen table this morning, I had to listen to her give a blow-by blow description of what she did yesterday when she cleaned the house, as if somehow I don’t believe that she did anything. I believe her; I can see how hard she works, but if I was as vocal as she is about what she is doing, it would be so obvious that I was trying to prove myself to her.
The plumbers are here today, and it has been interesting to see how they work far faster and more efficiently than the ones prior. They are fixing the system that the other guy screwed up, and it will give my upstairs tenants some decent heat in the winter.
I have started constructing a new pedalboard; this one is made of wood and sturdy. Heavy as hell, too, but it integrates all the concepts that I wanted to see in a pedalboard. The total height is about seven inches, and the first tier is about four inches tall, but at an angle so as to allow me to click on and off the controls without any issues. The top tier needs a board to angle the pedals a little better, but I have drilled the holes where the cords and wires will go. One of the things I utterly hate about pedalboards is that you can typically see all the wires. While some wires will be showing, my goal is for all the connector inputs to be flush mounted to the board. I took apart the four-way connection and lengthened the wires so that the lead cable gets plugged straight into the side. From there, the four connections go in two directions: one, up top on the second tier, and the other, out in front for the bottom tier. Inside, there is the DC Brick power cable for the effects pedals, another wall wart for the POG, and yet another one for the Digitech Whammy IV. These two pedals seem to be an anomaly in the sense of power, so I’ve decided to simply keep things simple, rather than continue to fool around. The big Fuhrman power conditioner will likely be mounted right near the DC Brick and the four-way; I’ve ordered a flush-mount switch and output device so that I can drill a hole into the back board of this (which I have yet to build), screw this down, attach a dedicated extension cord, and leave the Fuhrman on all the time. This thing will be an external mount, which means that the cord to the Fuhrman will likely need to be shortened (I’ll have to open it and do this from the wire terminals) and from there go into the wall. Space is not so much the issue as is efficiency; I want everything mounted nice and securely so as to not get jostled around while being transported. I suppose I should have done the line-out wires from the four-way through the already drilled holes in the box, so that it would be a little more streamlined and I could at least put the back on the box. From there, I could perhaps mount the DC Brick right on top of it.
The other side of the pedalboard will largely be empty though I want to find or build a box inside to hold the extension cord, the output cables, slides, picks, and a few extra packages of strings. On the back, opposite side of the input, will be four output jacks; each one will be connected in fashion through the signal loop to the output. There will be one extra jack that will be connected straight to the four-way (Making it a five-way, one supposes) so that someone can bypass all the pedals.
It’s an ambitious project, but most of it is done; I have the top tier on hinges, and it is getting painted as we speak. I will be applying several coats of paint to each piece (dark red for the top tier part, white for the hinged part, Cosmo’s Factory-style yellow for the front panel, the blue from Creedence’s first album for one slat, and green for the bottom to show Creedence’s albums. The sides and back will be sanded and stained. The whole board will be lacquered later. I want to do something with molding around the edges; we’ll see. I really like how it has come together, and it’s my hope that I will get a number of years out of it.
Got up to 50 in the footnotes yesterday for AODM, so that was good. I’m going to get Liberty and Quincy done here at DDs, and then try for at least another ten footnotes. I want this book done, and it pains me so much that I’ve dragged my feet on it.



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