I acknowledge I haven’t written about my faith life in a while, perhaps because it has been a source of embarrassment. How can I be trans or intersex and serve God? Doesn’t that contradict one another? At the same time, my conscience is clear about this – meaning that I am not convicted that I am going too far in my transition, and I certainly don’ think that I am lying to myself. I think my insecurity about my spiritual life stems not from what I believe God thinks of me, but from what others will think of me when I am ‘out’ – meaning I sort of pass as a female, and I am sure that will happen eventually. At best, people will wonder if I am male or female, and since I identify more as a masculine chick, it will be fun to watch.
What scares me most, still, is how others view me. If others are okay with me, I’ve often felt, then I can be okay with myself. This mentality has caused all sorts of issues, and I think it is one of the reasons I am so open about who I am with certain people, namely my friends, and I think that I am afraid my wife will eventually want to leave. If the roles were reversed, and she wanted to live as a man, would I stay? I love her. I really do, and I would do whatever I could to stay with her and help her to be the person God made her to be.
I recently finished a film, entitled, ‘From this day forward,’ where a parent transitioned, and it focuses on the fallout of the family. It was very heartbreaking, as it gives the impression transitioning is selfish – which it is true. It is selfish, and few think that transitioning is about the other person. I think it is selfish of me to not acknowledge this is who I am and become the best me that I can give my wife. I love her deeply, and I want her to stay by my side. Whatever sacrifices are necessary I will make, not just for her, but for the both of us.
Got back to work on the Kustom yesterday. I realized I had the NTE159s in wrong, and so I fixed those. I am getting -29 volts on the output; this may mean I have a bad driver transistor or something else. I’ll see about looking at one of the rear boards that I know to be correct in how the resistors and transistors are set up; at the very least I will see about restoring one to the way it looked when I got it, and from there try and reverse engineer I if I can.
Liberty is done this semester, for the B-session, anyway. This semester was rough; a lot of students didn’t do well in the class and I feel bad. Partly, anyway; even with giving students extra time and not docking points for lateness, this semester has to have been one of the most difficult ones I’ve experienced in a long time.


Oct. 17th, 2017 02:01 pm
This week so far has been pretty relaxing, considering how much I have gotten done. Last week, Wednesday, after counseling, I went to my appointment with Dr. Picarilli at Fenway. My estriadol has been increased, and it is so much easier to apply with a smaller patch. I am now officially on .2mg a day, and the doctor also put me on progesterone. I feel so much better, mentally, and while today I am a little sluggish because I need to get niacin, I have been able to get quite a bit done in terms of grading Liberty.
Yesterday I found the energy to begin cleaning up the music room and try to optimize some space. It would be awesome if I had some kind of stack rack for my guitars, but I know they are expensive, so for now I might just consider either building my own or let it be the way it is. It’s too bad I didn’t foresee this in the past or I would have done something different. I think the best thing to do is to keep the guitars I know that I will be playing the most (Rickenbacker, LPCustom, LPCustom2, Epiphone Dot, OE30, Fender Acoustic, Epiphone Acoustic) easily accessible, and putting the rest back in their cases, off the floor. I mean, it is getting crowded in there.
Right now a lot of stuff has been put away or tossed; the second Kustom cabinet’s back is open and I am going to remove the two CTS speakers and store them somewhere safe. In their stead, the twin JBL D130F speakers will be going into this cabinet, and this cab will likely replace the one that I use the most, since this is in better condition. The second cabinet will go in the corner next to the Concert, with the two JBLs that are in the big Kustom stack. The 400 is the only Kustom currently operational, so you better believe I am not going to be touching it.
In other news, it seems I have lost quite a few footnotes for AODM; somehow, the stupid computer reset itself overnight and somehow I didn’t save any of it, which seems incredible when you think about autosaved stuff, etc. Just tried seeing if I could open an autosaved document; it won’t let me. Awful. In any event, I am going to try and get caught up with that and then get some more work done on Liberty and Quincy. Quincy is backed up a little but I have managed to stay ahead at Liberty, though barely. I really need to discipline myself to focus on Quincy more.
Today I decided to start exercising again. I’ve promised myself in the past and just didn’t follow through. I started with just ten minutes, and I’m going to do another ten in a few minutes. The problem is that there are so many distractions around me and I need to be pushing them aside. Too often we allow things that really don’t matter to occupy the vast majority of the empty spaces in our mind; in this regard, we think we are too busy to accomplish our dreams. I do want to get back to work on the Kustom amp, but for now I need to build a routine and stick with it. The same goes for doing a bible study, or at the very least, studying regularly.
This past weekend we have been largely housebound as the car needs to be dropped off at the mechanic’s again tomorrow, and I will likely be getting it back Wednesday morning. The problem with the car is that there is just a lot of wear and tear on it; I will likely have to get a new car next year.
In guitar land, I repaired the Rickenbacker, although I think what I will wind up doing is making it more like Les Paul wiring, where there are two concentric pots for volume and tone, allowing for a lot more flexibility in terms of tone, and I would love to see all three pickups able to do this. The bridge pickup would essentially be connected straight to the jack, so as to allow that pickup to be either included or taken out of the circuit. This would allow me to either use the traditional sound of the guitar or Fogerty’s tone. We’ll see; I’ll order those pots in a few weeks if I can. I have so many other things to take care of.
Today I’m going to be spending a great deal of time working on Liberty and Quincy. I have some Yew shrubs that I need to get into the ground, but precisely where I am going to put them is a matter of debate. I believe they are partial sun, rather than full, so they will likely act as a sort of ‘boundary’ – perhaps near where my father once had his shrubs, with the hostas in front, and the rest of the plants in front, as well.


Oct. 4th, 2017 08:17 pm
Sometimes I think that if I didn’t shower or change my clothes, it would make my wife’s life easier when it comes to laundry. Sometimes I think that if I stopped eating, my wife would have more food, and I feel selfish if I have the last bowl of something. Sometimes I think that if I started going out of the house to use the bathroom, I wouldn’t inconvenience her so much. Sometimes I think about just leaving – I’m such an inconvenience anyway. I have stopped having a second cup of coffee in the morning because I don’t want to be the reason we’re out of coffee. I have stopped eating as much because I don’t want to be yelled at for eating too much or taking what should belong to her. I have stopped because I don’t want to be yelled at for being.


Oct. 3rd, 2017 01:13 pm
So, my wife and I are in NJ for a baby shower. I went with my father-in-law to a few places, including Sam Ash and Guitar Center (Along with Harbor Freight). It was a nice relaxing weekend, but I was looking forward to getting home. Sunday afternoon we took an off-ramp going the wrong way, and as I was turning around while B was yelling at me, the car died. Thankfully, B and I were able to coast to a stop in a parking lot for Chipotle’s (e. coli, anyone?). We waited at least a couple of hours before getting a tow. Long story short, the car needed to be towed somewhere else, so we wound up getting stuck here another day.
Sunday afternoon B and I were in the new hotel and I was in full-scale crisis mode; I had forgotten my medication and B was seriously wondering if I was going to hurt or kill myself. I don’t know if I would have, but the fact remains that B had to pull me out of that. We went to Wal-Mart, got some clothes, etc., and now she is in Home Goods. Good for her; she deserves something nice after dealing with my full-scale meltdown on Sunday. I am eating pizza in a place nearby, and I am now chatting with a woman named Gwendolyn, whose birthday is today (10/3) and like me, she is intersex. She hasn’t responded in a few minutes so I am wondering if she isn’t looking something up right now. I asked her about allergy shots she might have had and she confirmed she had them and went quiet.
I bought a guitar pedal called ‘Cock Fight’ which kind of simulates that wah sound of the Selective Boost pedal on the Kustom. There’s a built-in fuzz, too, so I am wondering if this won’t eliminate a goodish portion of the entire pedalboard. Maybe, maybe not, but I will try the Cock Fight into the tremolo/vibrato pedal, into the delay, and out to the amp and see how it goes. Chances are, this is the order things will go in for the Kustom first tier:
1. Volume Pedal
2. Parametric EQ
3. Amptweaker TightBoost
4. Cock Fight
5. Harmonic Clipper
6. Amptweaker TightFuzzPro
7. Amptweaker Swirlpool
8. Delay
Who knows? At this point, I might not even need the boost or the parametric EQ, and if the Cock Fight pedal does what I need, it might make my lower tier look like this:
1. Volume pedal
2. Cock Fight
3. Amptweaker SwirlPool
4. Delay
The other pedals would fill in the duty of the rhythm section.
In terms of work, things are going smoothly, although LU seems to have really ramped up the amount of work that I need to do each semester now. In addition, the quality of work seems to have declined considerably, much to my extreme discomfort. I have three classes to grade for, with ten essay 2s for each one, and I have to send out warnings to my students who have not submitted work. There are some more emails I have to check out, but I am hoping that out of the thirty papers that I have left to grade I am able to at least get ten more done today. I am going to have to really buckle down on grading Quincy College stuff and responding to emails; I am quite a bit behind and I am hoping that I will catch up. The biggest issue are the discussion boards, which need individual responses. So, here I am hoping my afternoon will go:
Have three tabs open for grading Liberty classes (grading 1 essay for each class at a time is tedious but I have 5 days to grade everything). The main Canvas page will be open, and then there will be one grading page, and then three open tabs for each of the Comp 2 discussion boards. Lots of work, but it’s worth it!

And yet again I forgot to post yesterday. I put the first coat of black paint on the pedalboard sides; it looks nice, and I hope that it dries nicely. This morning B and I had to bring Lance to the vet. Last night I went to Dracut to pick up a few sheets of lattice; this lattice is a tighter weave, which means that it will afford more privacy when the little shed behind the garage is done. I worked on the pedalboard, as well, and I think I am working out an arrangement I can live with. I’ve divided the board into five sections: Compressor, Selective Boost, Harmonic Clipper, Trem/Vibe, and Delay. For the boost section, right now I have the parametric EQ, boost, and wah plugged into the Amptweaker pedal. I might wind up putting the wah first (setting the pedal to pre for effects), then the ‘Selective Boost’, and then into the main boost. That half-set wah sound is definitely what gives the Kustom that honky tone. From there, into the harmonic clipper, into he fuzz (with that little EQ thing in the post section), parametric EQ, then the trem/vibe and delay. I am thinking that the volume pedal should go first, although a lot of people do put it at the end.
1. Volume
2. Compressor
3. Amptweaker Boost
a. Wah
b. Selective Boost
4. Amptweaker Fuzz
a. EQ
b. Harmonic Clipper
c. Parametric EQ
5. Amptweaker Swirlpool
6. Delay (Reverb Eventually)
Today I have a ton of stuff to do with Quincy, so I’m going to get to that now!
One of the things that just hit me was the fact that I’ve been grumbling about Liberty University lately; it has become a lot of work to be able to keep up with the weekly announcements and announcements being sent to students falling behind. We are responsible and must be held accountable to send out emails and warnings to students who are not responsible because the college wants us to. It doesn’t make much sense to me; doing these emails reminds me vaguely of high school in many respects, as the constant chasing of students to get them to work is something that high school teachers are often doing. This is college; the student should be responsible for his or her own success.
Today I worked on the last box outside, installing the back board and sides that I had taken off to use the post for the front walkway. I then installed the cedar post that will act as the edge of the lean-to that I am building, and secured it to the long 6x6 that goes across as the back wall. That are will likely be pickets, or perhaps what I will do is put a piece of plywood up to serve as the back wall, with the front being the lattice on the outside and plywood on the inside, to act as an area where I can put tools and things. I have lattice that I am picking up tonight; this guy has four or five sheets for free that I will pick up after work.
Just finished Liberty when I should have been finishing this. I’ve been feeling better today. Instead of wearing two patches, I am wearing three; I did this once before in hopes that I could speed up my transition, and for some reason I felt like my heart was pounding. These past few weeks I have been having headaches off and on; I thought it was the low-iron issue, but it could be low estrogen. I remember throughout my twenties I had headaches, and that could have been attributed to low estrogen. Same goes for the occasional hot flashes, mood swings, depression, and fatigue.
Been working a bit on the pedalboard setup today; I tried putting the wah first, etc, and I finally came up with a few setups that might get me close to what I am looking for. Ideally, I would plug into the Kustom and do it that way, but all of them seem to be out of commission right now. Still working on finishing the painting of the board; the bottom tier is being painted the yellow of Cosmo’s Factory and the blue of the curtains in Cosmo’s factory; the front tier wall, which needs to be drilled out more, will be black, along with the sides and back. I will likely steal the cord tie from one of the Kustoms and use it on the pedalboard; I would love to use that wrinkle black paint to make it look more like a Kustom 200, but I might be complicating things. I need to widen the holes in the front of the right side of the board; two of these holes are for the input jacks (mid and treble), and two are for the power supplies for the 18 volt pedals and the 9 volt pedals. I am still getting noise from the pedals with all of them plugged into the Brick; I might wind up using a cord and connecting the chain for the 9v pedals, and then using the brick for the 18v pedals and the ones on the second tier.
There needs to be several holes on the far right of the board; two are for the mid/treble output, and these will go to the back of the board and out, and two are for the top tier/last pedal (POG) to come down and connect to the volume pedal. From there, it will go to another hole, another jack, and then to the back of the amp, output. On top of the second tier are the other two connections from the four-way; one goes to the tuner, and the other goes to the bass pedals. I want to make the opportunity for someone to plug into the board through the main input jack, through the tuner, and if they really want to play through another amp, they can either unplug their guitar, pick up another cable and plug straight into the output jack next to the tuner, or they can go through the tuner and straight out to an amp.
It looks like, which is odd, the Kustom 200 signal may have started on vibrato and tremolo, and from there to selective boost, and finally to the distortion, and I will give that a shot. I think it is more likely that the selective boost was first, followed by distortion.
These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. Last week, the car broke down and I had to cancel my CT scan as well as counseling, and the counseling was rescheduled for Friday. Just before then, however, I got an email from my doctor saying that my chromosomes were XY, and that I was not intersex. I was floored by this, since, I won’t lie, there is a part of me that wishes that I had XX chromosomes. While this was disappointing, and I expressed this to my counselor, it does no change that there was some surgery done to my private areas. When I had electrolysis later on that afternoon, I was informed that my hair had not come back after having been zapped two weeks earlier. While this was good, it indicated that someone had essentially jumpstarted my puberty by giving me synthetic hormones. I quickly realized that the ‘Allergy shots’ that I had as a child were a cover, and in my medical records it revealed that I only had them once a week while I recall having them twice weekly, which is something that Bethany noted when I first told her about having shots way back when. There has to be some degree of androgen insensitivity, as this would explain why I look so young, although I know that hormones will definitely cause that.

In other news, I finished the bench that had been sitting by the patio for over a year; I replaced the slats on it and moved it over to the other side of the tree, and stained it there. I will put a coat or two of gloss on it tomorrow or so; the wood that I selected for it is poplar, so it will weather badly if I do not use some kind of sealer. I’ve also begun the platform for the storage shed behind the garage where the ssnowblower will be stored, along with the pots for planting and the lawnmower, etc. I would like to see cabinets up top; this would enable me to keep things above and below. The shed interior is still a mess and needs to be cleaned out.
I picked up some 6x6 posts the weekend before last; these would serve as the heavy-duty floor for this project behind the shed. Unfortunately, I wound up putting the boards too far in and cracked the windshield. I’ll get it fixed sooner rather than later, since I don’t want it to get worse.
I’ve sunk about four posts into the ground around the path from the front porch steps to the driveway; the problem I see now is that there is kind of a gully at the end where water is collecting. I think I will need to dig up a few tiers, level with sand, compact it, and make sure that there is an appropriate slant to the bricks to ensure that there will be runoff. The last thing we need is ice forming there in the winter.
In my music room, the pedalboard is coming together; I have finished painting the top and will soon be putting on the finishing coat. I think I will be widening the port holes for the wires, since they look like hell only halfway through and the angled plugs have an issue getting in there. The top tier is the White Stripes’ setup, and the bottom is Creedence, plus a mid-range section that I really haven’t set up yet but will consist of the OCD pedal, boost, and the parametric EQ. For Creedence, it has taken a while to really get the tone I am looking for, but here is the order:
<- Out to Amp <- Swirlpool (Delay in Effects Loop) <- Tightfuzz (EQ in Effects Loop) <- Tight Boost (Harmonic Clipper in Effects Loop) <- Wah <- Compressor <- Volume Pedal <- 4 way <- guitar
I am still working on developing how the signal will be going through the pedalboard to the back; I really want organization to be the key here. There will be four outputs; two will be connected to the top row, and two will be connected to the bottom. In addition, the top tier will have a separate volume pedal on the first tier (for ease of access), so ideally all four main outputs that will go to the back will be right there on the front panel separating the top section from the bottom. It’s going to be a heck of a wiring job, but I know it is not only possible, but practical. There might be a need for a second DC Brick pedal, as having the one is introducing some noise into the signal chain.
In terms of my relationship with B, it has been stable. We haven’t been fighting much, and I’ve actually been enjoying my time with her. I think that the problem really lies with the fact that I am often home during the summer and as a result we are at each other’s throats. I plan on finishing as many of the projects that I have this weekend – I will be hopefully putting in the first and second joist for the shed extension tomorrow – provided that I can move the pots in the plastic shed early on, and perhaps fill in the opening with those little scraps of brick that I got earlier in the summer to prevent critters from moving in.
The problem is that the long beam that I have set up as the back of the extension is exactly 8’ long, and there needs to be a 4x4 post buried at the end of it in order for it to support the back wall of this structure, so tomorrow I will likely be cutting that post down to size first, digging the hole for the cedar post, filling the post hole with concrete and finding a way to support the post while the concrete dries. There is no need for me to dig holes for concrete for the front of the structure; what I will do instead if simply mount the posts flush against the back of the shed, and secure them to the floor joists. The only thing Bethany will really see of this structure is the lattice work; the vast majority of the rest of it will be behind the shed. Moved the blueberry bushes, and will be moving the rose bush to an area where B will be able to see it. There is a juniper of some sort near where I am working; that will be transplanted, as well. Behind the garage, down the slight embankment, is some kind of evergreen; if I can figure out what the heck it is, it might be worth transplanting to a more visible location.
Well, it’s off to work now. I’m going to do Liberty stuff, which involves emails and grading, for a bit, and then Quincy; tonight is Comp 1, along with Mythology at 6. I am at 50 for the footnotes for Part Ten; I am hoping to get to 75 by tomorrow night.
- Sedgy


Sep. 7th, 2017 02:44 pm
Today is officially the first day back on campus; I am doing that M-T-W-H thing again to keep out of harm’s way. It has gotten to be second nature now to keep those days free to plan and get other stuff done that I wouldn’t otherwise, as I would be sitting there at the table, listening to B go on and on about stuff that just really isn’t important. I try not to give a blow-by-blow description of anything, because it is so obvious that she doesn’t understand, nor does she care, but sitting there at the kitchen table this morning, I had to listen to her give a blow-by blow description of what she did yesterday when she cleaned the house, as if somehow I don’t believe that she did anything. I believe her; I can see how hard she works, but if I was as vocal as she is about what she is doing, it would be so obvious that I was trying to prove myself to her.
The plumbers are here today, and it has been interesting to see how they work far faster and more efficiently than the ones prior. They are fixing the system that the other guy screwed up, and it will give my upstairs tenants some decent heat in the winter.
I have started constructing a new pedalboard; this one is made of wood and sturdy. Heavy as hell, too, but it integrates all the concepts that I wanted to see in a pedalboard. The total height is about seven inches, and the first tier is about four inches tall, but at an angle so as to allow me to click on and off the controls without any issues. The top tier needs a board to angle the pedals a little better, but I have drilled the holes where the cords and wires will go. One of the things I utterly hate about pedalboards is that you can typically see all the wires. While some wires will be showing, my goal is for all the connector inputs to be flush mounted to the board. I took apart the four-way connection and lengthened the wires so that the lead cable gets plugged straight into the side. From there, the four connections go in two directions: one, up top on the second tier, and the other, out in front for the bottom tier. Inside, there is the DC Brick power cable for the effects pedals, another wall wart for the POG, and yet another one for the Digitech Whammy IV. These two pedals seem to be an anomaly in the sense of power, so I’ve decided to simply keep things simple, rather than continue to fool around. The big Fuhrman power conditioner will likely be mounted right near the DC Brick and the four-way; I’ve ordered a flush-mount switch and output device so that I can drill a hole into the back board of this (which I have yet to build), screw this down, attach a dedicated extension cord, and leave the Fuhrman on all the time. This thing will be an external mount, which means that the cord to the Fuhrman will likely need to be shortened (I’ll have to open it and do this from the wire terminals) and from there go into the wall. Space is not so much the issue as is efficiency; I want everything mounted nice and securely so as to not get jostled around while being transported. I suppose I should have done the line-out wires from the four-way through the already drilled holes in the box, so that it would be a little more streamlined and I could at least put the back on the box. From there, I could perhaps mount the DC Brick right on top of it.
The other side of the pedalboard will largely be empty though I want to find or build a box inside to hold the extension cord, the output cables, slides, picks, and a few extra packages of strings. On the back, opposite side of the input, will be four output jacks; each one will be connected in fashion through the signal loop to the output. There will be one extra jack that will be connected straight to the four-way (Making it a five-way, one supposes) so that someone can bypass all the pedals.
It’s an ambitious project, but most of it is done; I have the top tier on hinges, and it is getting painted as we speak. I will be applying several coats of paint to each piece (dark red for the top tier part, white for the hinged part, Cosmo’s Factory-style yellow for the front panel, the blue from Creedence’s first album for one slat, and green for the bottom to show Creedence’s albums. The sides and back will be sanded and stained. The whole board will be lacquered later. I want to do something with molding around the edges; we’ll see. I really like how it has come together, and it’s my hope that I will get a number of years out of it.
Got up to 50 in the footnotes yesterday for AODM, so that was good. I’m going to get Liberty and Quincy done here at DDs, and then try for at least another ten footnotes. I want this book done, and it pains me so much that I’ve dragged my feet on it.
I really want to put up a fence in the backyard to hide that blight that is the mess behind the garage. Of course, Bethany is one of those types to veto everything. I spoke with my neighbor yesterday and told her that I wanted to do something about the fact that all we can see is the mess that the neighbors have back there. I asked if she would mind if I did something to hide it; she said she had no issue with it. I’m going to do something back there, at least, something that can be expanded on later. I’ll grab a couple of sections of lattice work later this afternoon, along with some plywood, a few posts, and the 2x10x8s for the last box in the yard. This will help finish up that area in the yard considerably. The walkway leading to the driveway is pretty much done; last night at Home Depot they were restocking and I didn’t have time to wait for them to get out of the way so I could get the polymetric sand.

Today, classes start at the Christian college. I have four courses there, and four courses at QC, and as a result I feel a little more confident that everything will go well this semester. My meltdown a few days ago was only temporary, but I noticed it didn’t take long for B to go back to her constant talking about everyone else’s problems. She doesn’t have a problem with me transitioning but hates my breasts, which I love. I’m going to send out the request for medical records again and see what can take place from there. I’m going to have to call and talk to someone about this, since they are archived.


Aug. 18th, 2017 03:23 pm
These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity as I continue working out in the garden and maintaining the beauty out there. Bethany has been up and down, and so have I, I suppose, because she is one of those people who constantly needs someone around to talk at. Emotionally, I have been finding myself thinking about suicide a lot, a thought which stuns me because I really think that where I am at right now is okay. I’m stable, and yet these thoughts rip through me. I don’t think I would do anything to hurt myself, but that I am having these thoughts is troubling, and I really need to think about what strategies I can use to push them aside. It is like how I used to not be able to control my own thoughts. I mean, I really had a problem with it. I felt like my mind and my body were disconnected.
Reading what I’ve just written makes me uncomfortable, mainly because I am discussing feelings here, and he problem with feelings are that they are often unstable and I have been taught since I was a kid that feelings are not important or that they are not something to be entertained. I’ve been instructed since childhood that my feelings aren’t important, and the problem today is that feelings are something that ‘special snowflakes’ discuss, according to the macho macho people. There is a right way to think about this and a wrong way to think about this, and I think that believing that feelings are useless or not worth discussing is one extreme, and the other extreme is to allow myself to be consumed by them.
Part of this can be attributed to Bethany’s way of idealizing me, and then devaluing me. Her goal, it appears, is to try and get me to believe that my own way of thinking is wrong, that Bethany is the only person who can teach me my self-worth even though I should be able to stand on my own two feet and look her in the eyes and say that I don’t need her approval or confidence because God has given me my own. Another large part of this could be attributed to the fear I have that God will punish or deal with me harshly. He has not yet, but that fear is always there and has always been there.
Finished setting up the guitar pedal order for the Kustom; it goes from the four-way into my tuner, then the compressor, harmonic clipper, the Equalizer, Boost, then Trem/Vibe, then into the volume pedal, into the delay pedal, and out to the amp. Alice shut down on me last night. It looks like a transistor went. I’m sure it’s not a huge deal, and I’m sure to fix it later on tonight or tomorrow.
I’ve been calling about my birth records, if only to solve this whole intersex issue; what fascinates me is that I never noticed that the underside of my genitals is a ton of scar tissue and there is an area in the middle of the scrotum sack that looks like it was stitched back together. I want to know what happened to me; while the inguinal hernia may have been undescended testicles, I believe what happened was I had what is called chordee, coupled with hypospadias, and undescended testicles. Looking at the surgery I had at seven, it is possible they removed a uterus from inside me. I have never felt, looked or acted like a boy, and puberty was a killer for me emotionally and mentally.
Now I am transitioning, and I really wish I had done this years ago. I wish that I had discussed this with my parents and transitioned as a teenager before I had records at college or a full-time job.
(Was supposed to be posted on Monday)
I have reached the inescapable conclusion that I was not supposed to have gotten married. This does not come from the desire to be divorced, but from the incredible amount of pain that I experience thinking about how Bethany is losing her husband. Bethany does not seem to notice; she is more interested in making sure that she is heard and that she is able to continue her babbling. This morning, I listened to her going on and on about this person and that person, and I tried hard to follow but it is very hard to stay in tune with someone when they are rambling and especially when they are rambling negatively about someone.
I would start with God. God knew that I would learn that I was born intersex. God knew that when the transgender issue came to light I would realize that I had been struggling with this for most of my life. God knew that my kidneys were getting negatively impacted by testosterone. God knew that I would want to request my birth records and start transitioning. God knew that this would impact my relationship with other people and that I would want to move away and get a fresh start. This is why He repeatedly told me while I was still living with my father not to get too comfortable, because He would be leading me elsewhere. It’s my fault that I didn’t listen. I didn’t listen because I was too busy caring more about what my family thought of me than I did what God wanted. It is my hope that, over the next few months or so, God will lead me through prayer and show me what He wants me to do. It is clear that my purpose in life is tied to this, and it is clear that He has a purpose for me to be involved in the intersex community in some way, perhaps to show others compassion and encourage them that they are loved by God and that God has a purpose for their lives.
I need to stop being so involved in the trans community. Clearly there is a trans-like experience that I am going through but it goes above and beyond that, and rather than being rooted in a psychological aspect (and I am not entirely convinced that being transgender and having gender dysphoria is a form of intersexuality that impacts the brain but not the body), there is a biological component, one which forms the very core of who I am and who I was born to be. The problem I have is that there is a natural desire to not just express oneself as trans but become more involved in the community, perhaps to the point where someone like myself will slowly move away from God and his/her convictions. I have, however, begun commenting on articles about my intersex condition, etc. While I am not ashamed of who I am, I must be careful not to stray out of the will of God.
For example, here is a comment someone made to a recent article, and my response:
James Ward
Casolari stated, "Since 2000, conservatism has been in retreat. For those who believe in limited government, freedom, the rule of law, secure borders, lawful immigration, traditional values and a restrained foreign policy, the past two decades show very little accomplishment." When biblical foundations are destroyed, there isn't anything solid to stand upon to begin with. Our Christian leaders do not know right from wrong, which is why they advocate regulating evil instead of not giving it any place in their lives. They also tend to endorse things that are evi while thinking it is good. For example, James Dobson and Focus on the Family spend decades leading America away from absolute morality under the banner of Christianity. "Equal rights, not special right," was whose slogan? Focus on the Family. How has that worked for biblical family values? When try to normalize criminal behavior and it becomes a "legal" standard that is then used to punish faithful Christian bakers, photographers, et cetera. I agree that everyone deserves the same right to be prosecuted for grossly undermining public morality, but nobody's prefered perversion entitles anyone to be accepted or their behavior decriminalized. If the hippie free-love movement taught us anything, it would be that what is done in the bedroom does not stay in the bedroom: it affects public and civil matters and can undermine the family when perverse.

Absolute morality, mala in se laws, do not change or bend to situations and they do not conflict among themselves. Symbolic or regulatory or mala prohibita laws can change, are not absolute, can bend to situations, and can even conflict among themselves (i.e. profane the Sabbath to circumcise). When leaders treat absolute morality as if they are mala prohibita matters, you have no firm foundation to advance public morality. When Exodus and Pauline passages teach earmarks required for anyone taking an office affect public perception of morality and we violate them to "keep the other person from winning," we are not only undermining our own moral foundations, but giving God no reason to step influence the results of whatever outcome we end up with.
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Stacy Sedgewood-Curran ·
University of Massachusetts Boston, Higher Education Program
I think part of the issue is the attitude with which the message is preached. There seems to be very little compassion amongst Christians today. The argument against people who are transgender, for example, was to say that we don't want men in the women's bathrooms. Even Christians who are conservative, whom I spoke with, had a problem with this argument. There are indecency laws that make it criminal for a male to go into the women's room with a sinister purpose. There was nothing said against transgender men, females who transitioned, and there was nothing said against men who were already in the men's room with young boys.

This message also had the unintended consequence of alienating people like myself - who were born intersex (I was born both male and female) and later transitioned due to medical concerns (renal failure from testosterone). This may not seem like a big deal, but when you start alienating 1% or 2% of the population, you don't just alienate them - they have friends and family members who can clearly see the damage, and that 2% starts becoming 5%. At election time, we can see the impact that this can have at the voting booth.

You wrote: "I agree that everyone deserves the same right to be prosecuted for grossly undermining public morality, but nobody's prefered perversion entitles anyone to be accepted or their behavior decriminalized."

This almost sounds like you are advocating a witch-hunt for people who might be enjoying 'The L -word' or 'Sex in the City' at night. While you are correct that what goes on in the bedroom does not always stay in the bedroom, does this mean you advocate for us to go back to Puritan times, when everything and everyone was suspect?
I’ve begun to get more involved in the intersex discussion, not because I don’t want to be involved in the transgender community, but because I think that is more closely aligned with who I am and who I am supposed to be. I have started doing more research on the genital mutilation that those who are born intersex go through, and it seems more and more disgusting to me as time goes on. One of the biggest issues for me is the lack of sensation when I have sex, which may be from a nerve severed from when I had surgery.
I mentioned this to Bethany, who thinks that I don’t know for sure, even about Klinefelter’s, but I think that her denial stems more from the fact that I’m standing up for myself and using my voice, which is a no-no in this shitty marriage. I shared some things yesterday about intersex, and I noticed that I had set my posts on Facebook to not let Bethany see them. I took this off, and sure enough, I got confronted about posting these things this morning. Couple this with the Sunday episode where B told me that she had seen how I posted to someone else’s post about how I liked Creedence, and you get a pretty clear picture that B just wants me quietly sitting there listening to her.
I wouldn’t mind, but I have to listen to her babble about her family, which is about as interesting as sports. She tells me that when I’m talking about being intersex, it’s all about me, but she’s doing this genealogy stuff for her ‘family’ – none of which really give a shit about it. To me, it’s just more of an excuse for her to be talking about herself. Look what *she* researched, look what *she* found. Look at her! Look at her! Anything I do that might detract from her being in the spotlight is suspect, and this includes teaching conferences.
This morning someone had posted about there being a transgender conference in Boston coming up, focusing on education, etc. I have been praying about this for some time, and wanting to get back into publishing about education, etc. I shared this with Bethany – big mistake; she told me she didn’t think it was a good idea because I still teach at Liberty. While she is correct – I still teach at Liberty, what I have to automatically wonder is if she is being sincere in her concerns, or if she knows that if I get back into publishing and presenting, the spotlight will be once again off her. It bothered her for some time that people were actively reaching out to me for my insight and my views on this and that, and she felt slighted. Now, she thinks she’s in charge, but only because she isn’t aware that I’m still publishing on Medium as Stacy Sedgewood.
I hate living a double life; I feel like I’m 5-16 again and pretending to be a girl online, even though that is who I truly am on the inside, but if this little freedom is what I am granted right now, I am okay with that. I desire to be free. I desire for true freedom, and God through Christ has indeed set me free. The problem is that now there are so many forces who want me to go back into the closet. Those who are closest to us are always okay with you when you are lying to yourself as long as they are comfortable. Bethany loves to say that I need to ‘step it up’ and help her out, and then I start to, and she seems to get more and more agitated, because if I do help out more and more, she won’t have anything to start screaming and yelling at me about. And this is why I love being at work so much. This is why I hate living under the same roof as this woman. She is a shrew, I married my mother, and I know it.
Part of me does feel guilty about a lot of things. I feel guilty because B does have to deal with my issues. I feel guilty that she married someone who is or was very weak emotionally. She married someone who can’t hear her, which frustrates her to no end, and she married someone who is essentially a doormat. Yet a lot of these things aren’t necessarily my fault – entirely. I am who I am, and while Bethany expects me to change everything just to make her happy, there is an underlying understanding that I can’t expect her to do anything to change. Nope! I bring something up, and she will bring up about twenty or thirty of my shortcomings in order to justify that she can continue to treat me like crap. I start talking about how her comments make me feel, and I’m not allowed to finish my statement. I can’t; she interrupts and essentially tells me that it’s my fault I feel a certain way.
What really bothers me, above all else, is my relationship to God. It has indeed been a series of rises and falls since realizing I was trans; it’s far better than the stagnant Christian I once was. I remember crying out to God for His help because I couldn’t feel anything, had no joy, no peace, etc., and really didn’t know who I was as a person. Now, I know exactly who I am – in Christ. I can honestly say that to die is gain and to live is Christ. I can now see that when I got married, I clearly stepped outside of the will of the Lord, because He showed me not to get too comfortable living with my father because He was going to call me out of Massachusetts. My prayer, my heartfelt prayer, is that God will forgive me and show me His purpose – that He will lead me. Just because Bethany doesn’t see my purpose doesn’t mean I don’t have one.
In other news, Trump banned transgender people from serving in the military. Texas has enacted transgender bathroom bill bans, and I am sure that there will be many more of these things popping up all over the country, to discriminate against people like us. If I go into a restaurant and am seen as trans, will I be asked to leave? Who knows, but it’s a scary time to be in the United States.


Jul. 17th, 2017 03:02 pm
Yesterday was my birthday, and I must say that it was probably one of the best birthdays that I have had in a long time. Jack, Cristy, Manford, Gail, Emma, and Luke came up from New Jersey to celebrate. I showed Manford and Jack around the yard, and kind of showed how I would be doing things. Jack suggested using sand for leveling the patio blocks and getting those blocks in without causing a problem with pulling individual ones out and making sure they lined up. I’m going to take his advice seriously; he told me he was doing much the same thing with his own backyard, but with stones that have a serious rounding to the back of them.
B and I were a bit testy with one another yesterday, and I think it was because of the preparation for the party. I did help out a bit, but the screaming and yelling meant I wanted to be elsewhere. You can’t scream at people and expect them to want to be around you; it just doesn’t work that way. We did make up, and this morning (again) we were arguing but made up again.
Last night the compressor pedal came in (Donner) and the day before, the loop pedal came in. The fuzz pedal came in last week. This morning I was busy fooling around with it, overdubbing multiple tracks. I think I can make an entire album out of one or two of those looping pedals. I’ve removed the ‘mid-range’ section (for now) until I figure out what will be going to be plugged into the Fender Concert, but I’ve also gotten most of the pedals I need so far to nail Creedence’s tone through the Kustom. There are pedals out there that replicate the sound of the Kustom, but I really don’t need them because I actually have a Kustom.
Signal Chain for the Kustom:
1. Amp (Kustom 200A4)
2. Loop Pedal (will order later)
3. Reverb (will order today)
4. Tap Tone Delay
5. Amptweaker Swirlpool
6. EQ pedal (coming in today)
7. Fuzz Box (on its way)
8. OCD
9. Compressor
10. Four-way box
11. Guitar.
Signal Chain for the Twin:
1. Looper
2. Reverb
3. Delay
4. JHS Twin Twelve (Silvertone Amp Sim)
5. POG
6. Stylish Fuzz
7. Digitech Whammy IV
8. MXR Micro-Amp
9. Tuner
10. Four-way Box

Not sure about the midrange of the Concert. Not even sure if I really need it; there seems to be a great combination with the two amplifiers in tangent. I might split the signal between the Vibrolux, which is very bright, and the Twin, which can get very dark-sounding.

Bethany told her mother what is going on with me; she seemed unfazed by the fact that I am intersex; it’s less about being male or female and more about being okay at this point. It is my hope that, in the future, I will be able to live as a female rather than as a miserable, feminine-looking guy, but I don’t see it happening. At least I’m on hormones, and at least there have been considerable changes both to my body and face. I’ve been reading a memoir of someone born with both, and she describes how she would have such severe cramping she would wind up in the hospital. I know that I had severe stomach cramping, etc. and was hospitalized as a child, and so that makes sense. She transitioned, as well; her marriage ended rather quickly, and while I don’t necessarily want my marriage to end, there is a part of me that desires to be free from the constraints of being told what to do all the time.


Jul. 9th, 2017 12:29 pm
I know I haven’t written in a while, and there’s a reason for it. At work I’ve been devoting more time to studying intersex issues while grading. Liberty University ended yesterday or Friday, and so I’ve been busy grading and staying outside, because being outside saves me from having to sit there and listen to the continual babbling from B, who I am becoming more and more convinced is a psychopath. Everything I do or say is criticized, and any time I open my mouth, you can just see her expression melt because she doesn’t want me to be talking, ever. She wants me listening, and that’s it.
The only bright spot was yesterday when B and I went yard saling; I love going to yard sales but hate going with her because she loves to complain and it’s just more of the same of me sitting there listening to my faults in dull and dreary detail. Anyway, at the first yard sale we went to, we heard, ‘girls, there’s more over here…’ meaning us. That made me so happy! Of course, today, I was trying to put my arm around B and knocked something on this table behind me over, and that immediately caused her psycho side to come out. There is never a mistake with me; it’s always on purpose or because I’m stupid, etc. As much as I do love B, there is an understanding that this marriage needs to end so I can move on with my life, because it is only going to get worse.
I need to start organizing my two rooms better; while I know where most everything is, they are both very cluttered. Ordered a new fuzz pedal yesterday; hopefully it will do what the Big Muff pedal does. I think I’ll be doing some kind of looper pedal from Reverb.com with a payment plan.
This weekend went pretty well, surprisingly, considering how B and I often get at each other’s throats by the end. We decided not to go to an estate sale on Thursday, and I spent a considerable part of the day working on various projects, eventually installing four more of those blocks as a walkway. Friday we went somewhere, I forget exactly where but when we got home I went out to someone’s house on the other side of town and picked up flagstones that I laid out for the walkway leading down to where the new patio will eventually be. While there weren’t enough for the whole thing, the walkway appears to be shaping up nicely, and if I ever get this productive, I would move the stones aside and build up a fieldstone wall and then lay down a layer of sand and pea gravel. While pea gravel does have a tendency to travel, I would probably install some of that metal barrier to keep it in place. Two sets of Moonray lights came in, and I set them up. These are half a watt each light, and since the transformer can take up to ten watts, I suppose I can add another two sets and be okay. Saturday I got a set of six Hampton Bay lights, and installed them. These, too, are half a watt each, and then yesterday I got two more sets, which completely line the house side of the pathway. I’m going to eventually set up a transformer in the garage and have it lead to outside, on a timer, so that Bethany and I can sit outside and not be troubled by wandering critters. I got a number of flower boxes, which I am working on setting up, as well as some other random outdoor objects. Yesterday I set up two hanging lanterns on either post on the back porch. I’ve got a number of propagated shrubs going in several pots; will need to water them tomorrow and see how they are doing.
Saturday afternoon I picked up a teak wall cubby, which weighs a ton, and installed it today in the hallway over the ugly plywood that my parents installed when I was a kid. Later, Bethany and I will take down that wall (read: I’ll do it), and then there will be new paint and wallboard there. The trouble with that wall is that there is horsehair plaster, and as a result it could spark an issue for me, but anyway.
Last Wednesday I went to see Michael; he sold me a couple of guitar amps and a guitar; I had already picked up a twelve-string on Monday, so no more. The acoustic guitar he gave me on Wednesday sounds off like a cannon, and is made by Fender. Working on fingerpicking more; as a fun experiment I purchased a pick that has two-picks attached, separated by this spongy material to make it a little easier on the hands. It’s fun to play with but because I don’t normally play with picks that big, it’s a bit awkward. I love how it makes my guitar sound like an orchestra, and I am looking forward to seeing what it will make the big twelve-string sound like.
Just ordered the strings from Amazon.com. I love hearing 12-strings. I remember that massive acoustic monster my parents gave me for Christmas one year. It was so large that I couldn’t reach around it to play the strings. It wasn’t very comfortable to play. The Fender I have is a bit big, but not so much so that it becomes awkward to play. I like how I am slowly working more and more on finding MY style. Do not get me wrong; I love Creedence Clearwater Revival, and I will listen to them until the day I die, but in order for me to develop, I need to be working on my unique sound, my style, which is still developing, is a mix of styles. I enjoy the good, thumping bassline in Open D Tuning (D-A-D-F-A-D) that Skip James (Hard Time Killing Floor Blues and Lightnin’ Hopkins (Where Did You Stay Last Night?) used. Drop D (D-A-D-G-B-D) is an amazing tuning for fingerpicking, and even a variation on Open D (C-G-C-D#-G-C) sounds incredible. I’ve tried something that almost sounds jazzy (B-A-D-G-B-D) and it sounds good only on my broken-neck Les Paul. Open tunings are a great way to really get your mind working. There are numerous melodies I’ve created and borrowed from the greats, and I’m hoping that eventually I can make some kind of an album.
Financially, Bethany and I appear to be doing okay. We’ve bought a lot for the house, but I think we’re being wise about things. I owe 3k on one credit card and 2k on another, and B has 6k on her card. I got paid Saturday (About 1200 or so), so I’ll probably knock another grand or so off of mine.
Today I have to deal with a bunch of things, including Liberty U.’s Dean’s Report, etc. Grading, Grading, Grading. I’m also going to send a message to the Piper family coming out to them.
- Sedgy
Yesterday I went to my cousin Ryan’s 30h birthday party. It was fun, mostly hors d’oeuvres (had to look up the spelling of that one!), and there were a few people there playing in a band. Really it was just two guys with acoustics, but they were really good. I guess the rest of the band was there as well, sort of a motley crew, and I was a bit surprised that Ryan would be hanging around with kids these young. In any event, I went, mingled, had some fun, and departed. I guess because the whole thing was on Father’s Day there wasn’t that many people. I bowed out early, especially considering that everyone there were smokers and I wasn’t. I stopped in at the little barn across the street (the whole thing was at the Fire or something tavern in Newburyport) and looked around. It was so hot I had to leave, because the smell of sweaty guys was so overpowering. Speaking of smells, I have noticed a distinct but different odor coming from my body; I am wondering if my deodorant is no longer smelling good to me and I will need something else. I will have to look it up.
I divided some of the shrubs that I got off CL yesterday; these are the ones I’ve installed around the cherry tree near the porch. I trimmed off some of the dead branches because there is new growth there and I want to make sure that I keep them alive. Not sure what kind they are, perhaps holly? I know they are evergreens. I planted about twelve butterfly bushes a few days ago, and they are different colors. I planted in the following order: dark blue, blue, pink, white, white, pink, blue, dark blue. The same colors as the transgender pride flag, which is my way of resisting without being too obvious.
While I cannot live in the past, I obviously still think quite a bit about my parents. Would they like the changes to the house? Part of me thinks: who cares? I don’t, since they are not alive anymore, but there’s a part that wishes that they would have been more proud of me for what I’ve accomplished in this life.
Today I have a bunch of stuff to do, so I will likely post again later…
It’s Father’s Day, another year since my father left in 2011. People have asked me after the passing of a closed loved one, especially a parent, if it ever gets easier. It never does. It’s just… different. I mean, this is the man who obviously did things to me that no child should ever have to experience, although as I get older I realize this may or may not have happened (or maybe I have a desire to deify him in some way), yet this is the man who taught me about life and showed me a lot of things to help me become a better person. I miss my dad. I miss his kind and gentle laugh, his shenanigans, and how he always found time to read a book. He inspired me in so many ways that I can’t even begin to describe them. I may have been something of a disappointment to him throughout my life but in the end I can honestly say that I truly loved him.
This past week has been good. God has really been convicting me about prayer, and thankfully, I have responded. My relationship with Bethany still gets testy sometimes, but overall, I can honestly say that we have been doing better than we ever have. I’ve done some work on AODM, and Part 10 is almost done with this editing, and then there will be the footnotes.
Yesterday went well until the evening when I spent time in my office getting my to-do list done for today and my wife started chafing because I wasn’t upstairs where I belonged. I just accepted her ranting, since that is my job in this marriage. This morning she was at it again, going on and on and complaining that I wasn’t doing what she wanted me to do in hanging up shower bars in the bathrooms before work. I was reading my Bible, or at least, the daily Bible readings, at which point she got a little embarrassed. Not enough to apologize, of course, because Bethany does not ever feel the need to apologize, but enough to look away and not meet eye contact.
I have been in deep prayer lately about everything going on in my life. There is an excellent book I have been reading entitled ‘The Kneeling Christian’ – about the power of prayer in our lives. I remember when I was first saved I was steadfast in prayer and focused on the Lord, not on things or my circumstances. I remember praying over and over again for relief from my mental issues, expecting Him to solve my problems. I knew that He wanted me to be of good cheer and trust Him, and be of sound mind, but I had no idea that it would take almost fifteen years for Him to answer my prayers.
What have I been praying about? Well, I have been praying for Him to take my mind off my transitioning. It is one of those things, like guitar or anything else, that can absolutely consume my every waking thought. I have been praying for Him to convict me about prayer, and about following His commands. I have been praying also about my transition, asking him to either completely convict me that what I am doing is wrong, or to give me the confidence I need to keep moving forward. I have been praying for Bethany, who is still sick, and I have begun reading books on psychopathy in order to try and understand her inner workings. The truth is this: I was never supposed to have married her. In 2009, I remember praying to God that if He got me out of here (meaning Central MA) I would do whatever He said. I remember Him telling me not to get too comfortable, since I was not to be staying in Massachusetts forever. Instead, I went ahead and got married. The more and more I pray, the more and more I study, the more and more I realize I have married a psychopath, and that while I cannot change her, I can pray for her, and pray fervently that God will help the both of us. Me simply sitting back and being passive about my own life isn’t healthy. Me sitting back and not dealing what issues isn’t healthy. Me focusing exclusively on being trans isn’t healthy, either; I need to be focusing on what the Lord wants me to be doing.
Praying without ceasing is a great way for me to stop having these ridiculous conversations or imagined scenarios in my head where I am being confronted by one person or another about me being transgender. Of course, I am praying not necessarily for freedom from thinking about me being trans as much as I am praying that the Lord will guide me and show me His plan and His purpose for my life.
I am leaving his Dunkin’ Donuts (North Quincy). There is no A/C and it is utterly stifling.
Now I am at Panera in Wilmington enjoying a late dinner. Nice place to eat, and nice and air conditioned, as well. The person who is at the counter here is definitely part of the LGBT+ community, but I can’t tell if he/she is trans like me or just gender queer. I might say something to him/her on my way out. Today I spent quite a bit of time finishing up grading, etc. I have two more essays to grade and I will be out of the woods – for now. It seems that we are going to be implementing more ‘checks’ throughout the semester to ensure student retention, rather than teaching. Tomorrow I have to call the plumber because it seems the wax seal around Bethany’s toilet is having issues, and there is the dividing of creeping myrtle and burgleweed to deal with.
This past week has been a rollercoaster of emotions and plans. Since Thursday night or so Bethany and I have been arguing. I really don’t know entirely what the issue is; it usually comes down to me getting fed up with the way she just demands I do something and exploding on her rather than keeping my cool and writing in my journal. This journal, I have to say, has saved my skin more than once, and I am truly thankful daily that God has allowed me to write in it.
I’ve been working on trying to get my mind off transitioning. I understand from many people online that being part of the LGBT movement can have a certain impact on them; for the first time in their lives they are a part of a community and they kind of become obsessed. I do not discuss much of my transition with Bethany, but this is not because she does not want me talking about it, rather, she doesn’t want me talking at all. I’ll spend a few minutes talking about a patio, etc., and she will interrupt to tell me not to spend any money on it or that it won’t work, just the usual extreme negativity that I have come to expect from her. It has little to do with transitioning; this inevitable negativity or criticism will come up any time I discuss future plans to apply somewhere else or when I am working on my novel. Perhaps her own life is nothing but dry bones and this is why she doesn’t like me talking.
But back to distracting myself regarding my transition. I am focusing on playing guitar and gardening, as I said, and I am desperately trying to get back into studying scripture and having a relationship with God. I recognize that my life has slowly but surely become void of meaning not because I am trans, but because I am married to someone who is spiritually dead, and while she is dead God desires for me to be alive in Christ. So I am focusing on developing my spiritual life. I acknowledge that in the future there will be someone who reads this and finds that my usage of ‘I’ all the time poses an issue because we shouldn’t be talking about ourselves at all, or rather, we should not be the focus, but in this diary, I have found that in my early years of working for New England Compounding Center I was so focused on Christianity that I wasn’t talking about anything else.
How am I developing my spirit life? Well, first I am trying to devote some time each day to just being quiet and not talking, but listening to what the Lord has to say. Too often we view God as a Santa Claus, and that has dramatic implications for whether we hear from the Lord or not. Second, studying scripture and doing daily devotionals are important, as well. What I do want to do is start some kind of devotional where I read scripture and then start writing what so and so scripture means to me and how it can be applied. I do not desire to go so far over to the other side that I become ‘religious’ again, which is always a risk, but I pray that God shows me where He wants me to focus on and continue developing.
In the garden/side yard, things are continuing to progress. I have pretty much finished planting everything that is going on the driveway side next to the house; some weeding needs to be done, and the violets (I think that’s what they are) need to be divided and transplanted so that they can thrive all over the yard. I got some black-eyed Susan plants over there, plenty of hostas, phlox, and burgleweed. There are many sprouts of various plants there. My hope is that this will be a mixed garden on one side, the pathway leading to the front of the house, and the more variety of plants growing to kind of give the impression one is actually in the woods somewhere. Down front, the iris plants are getting ready to bloom, and there are other plants that are definitely doing well. Hydrangeas look good on the area just beside the landing, and I have started installing pavers that will lead to the driveway. Down the side yard everything except the foxglove has come back and most of the side lawn has been covered with mulch except for where it was rocks; I have built a path there so that when I start installing the pavers they will follow this path. Adjustments may be needed, which is fine, but on the whole, you can see how things are looking up. There are now a number of dogwoods in the ground, lilac shrubs, and there will be other plants, as well. I have to deal with the plants in the fridge and start getting them into pots to grow; I know at least one is a cherry tree that will likely be growing behind the garage or so, perhaps more than one, and there are other things, like lilac, that will be planted and come back in the spring. I have those burning bushes in the back, and there are shrubs back there that will be dug up and moved to the front; the burning bushes will likely be moved forward, and as they fill out and fill in that back area will no longer be visible from our yard. Near the red maple, there are hostas basking in the shade of the tree, and I picked up a ton of ornamental grasses.
One thing I should mention here is about the hostas I got; they were advertised for free on Craigslist, and so I went to get them. I looked around to see if anyone was around, and no one was, so I left. I didn’t think anything of it, until the next day someone wrote that whoever took them had stolen those that had been promised to six people. The author called me an asshole. Part of me wanted to return them, and the other part of me was like, well, you advertised them on CL for free, and I looked around to see if you were there. I wasn’t so much torn about it as I was fearful that if I told anyone about it the person who had them would beat the crap out of me. So I kept them. I’ll pay it forward in the future, I promise.
Today I am going to be working on Liberty; there are quite a few papers to grade, and I am going to take frequent breaks looking at stuff on CL and eBay; it’s my hope that I can get everything that I need for this garden into the ground by the middle of the summer so I can focus on painting again.

- Sedgy



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