If you could rename yourself in real life, what would you choose, and why?

Hmm... I guess I'd have to say I'd rather have my name spelled differently, as Sean. Why? Because my parents were idiots when they chose that spelling. They didn't think that anyone would know how to pronounce Sean, and as such named me. Funny how they were originally going to name me Dean Mark Curran. Now THAT would be confusing, considering I already have a friend named Dean.

Anywho... I jus thought it would be fun to answer the 'Writer's Block' section. For some reason I never have writer's block. I can churn pages and pages out. Some isn't very good, but anyway...

This chapter thus far, Chapter 3, has focused on the political leanings of the Galaxy and introduced two very important Germanic-Miaka characters: Commander Peers and Britea Mars. Both are on the Bismarck. Since that ship will be destroyed in later chapters it is imperative that they are transferred off after the destruction of the British cruiser Hood. The Prince of Wales will see action, as well.

As if to cement this monstrous warship battle in my mind, yesterday's edition of 'Dogfights,' (My second favorite show next to 'Deadliest Catch') had a special edition of the Swordfishes (Something like a Sopwith Camel) that took down the mightiest of the German battleships. The explosions were done in computer animation but I will tell you: whew! What a trip!

I need to start planning this epic battle on paper, because I fear I will forget the major ships included. Not between the Hood and the PoW, but between the other ships, like KGV and Rodney.

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