It’s Father’s Day, another year since my father left in 2011. People have asked me after the passing of a closed loved one, especially a parent, if it ever gets easier. It never does. It’s just… different. I mean, this is the man who obviously did things to me that no child should ever have to experience, although as I get older I realize this may or may not have happened (or maybe I have a desire to deify him in some way), yet this is the man who taught me about life and showed me a lot of things to help me become a better person. I miss my dad. I miss his kind and gentle laugh, his shenanigans, and how he always found time to read a book. He inspired me in so many ways that I can’t even begin to describe them. I may have been something of a disappointment to him throughout my life but in the end I can honestly say that I truly loved him.
This past week has been good. God has really been convicting me about prayer, and thankfully, I have responded. My relationship with Bethany still gets testy sometimes, but overall, I can honestly say that we have been doing better than we ever have. I’ve done some work on AODM, and Part 10 is almost done with this editing, and then there will be the footnotes.



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